Our Mission

We focus on under served communities in the GTA by supporting grass-root organizations via proactive and strategic grantmaking.

Our motivational values:

Compassion: what we are driven by

Responsibility: why we are doing what we are doing

Justice: pursuing what is fair and morally right

Opportunity: creating possibilities for others to advance 

About Us


Sabina Vohra-Miller has an educational background in clinical pharmacology and toxicology. She previously worked in biotech as a medical advisor. In 2016, she retired from her role in biotech and with her husband, she co-founded the Vohra-Miller Foundation, a philanthropic endeavor with the goal of improving the health of people and the planet. 


For Sabina, philanthropy is part heart, part art with a healthy bit of science.  She co-founded impACT.O. because she is amazed by the impact social capital has and wants to support organizations that are helping build a more resilient Toronto for everyone. 


She is also a mum to a 2-year-old boy and a fur-pup. Though she moved to Canada as an immigrant not too long ago, Toronto has become her home and occupies a very special place in her heart.  


Karen was born and raised in Toronto by immigrant parents. Always raised to focus on getting an education, she graduated with an honours degree in science, and works in the field of healthcare. 

She started her philanthropic fund to give more people the opportunities she had to succeed. In a city that seems to be filled with 'haves' and 'have nots', Karen wants to level the playing field and give other people the chance of success. 

Karen still lives in Toronto with her husband and two kids. In her spare time, she cooks, does pilates and loves her Peloton.



Grant Application 2019

ImpACT.O. recognizes that small, community-based organizations provide critical services to under served individuals and families.


We do not accept grant solicitations at this time. Organizations will be directly invited to apply if they meet the eligibility criteria outlined below. The maximum grant amount is $20,000 per year.


To be considered for funding, an organization must meet several prerequisite requirements:

- Be a registered charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA)

- Provide direct services to under served and vulnerable populations

- Have an annual operating budget of under 500K CAD

- At least part of the funding requests must be towards programming; programming does not need to be new in nature or capacity

- Have a solid strategic plan in place with the ability to scale


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Image credits: Janis Lempara Photography, Matthew Henry (Burst)